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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301, SF California
17 May 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Brainard
Takoma Hospital
Greenville, Tennessee

Dear Friends:

I am in receipt of your letter of the 26th of April and the enclosed five dollars. Thank you ever so much for it. We truly appreciate all of this aid that we are getting from the United States. You say that you would like me to have the credit for initiating the contact with you. I decline the honor. I get my reward in watching the children get well after being brought into the hospital from the gutters and alleys of this war torn country.

I have watched these children come in under-nourished, ill, absolutely lacking of spirit and the will to live. Throughout the weeks they seem to hang on and eventually they start to thrive and show a bit of color. To watch them guzzle in the food and smack their lips as they clean every last kernel of rice from their trays is my reward.

Since the Rue's APO privilege is for 1st class mail only we recommend that you send any packages to the Commanding Officer of this company and marked FOR ORPHANAGE. Therefore no matter what personnel come and go the packages will arrive at the orphanage the soonest and safest way.


George F. Drake
Cpl. RA 12344689
Corr Secty Orph Comm.



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