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News article in the Yakima Daily Republic newspaper.   
24 November 1952

6-Year-Old Aids Korean Orphans

Responding to an American soldier's plea for help for Korean orphans, a 6-year-old Yakima girl who heard the plea read aloud canvassed her neighborhood and collected many useful articles for the war waifs. 

Mrs. L.B. Minnich, 614 N. Naches Ave., said her daughter, Carole, overheard the family reading aloud an item in the Yakima Dailies telling of Pfc. George Drake's request for help for the orphans. 

Mrs. Minnich later wrote to Drake, "My little girl heard us read the article in the paper and never said a word to us.  She went around the neighborhood and brought back quite a lot of useful things.  She cried when she knew they (Korean orphans) didn't even have a mommy or daddy." 

Drake is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Palwick, 810 S. 7th St.  His appeal came to them after he visited Manassas Manor where his company helps support an orphanage in Korea.  It has 33 girls and 22 boys.  Drake's address is RA12344689, 326th CRC, APO 301, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California.

Printed in The Yakima Republic  24 November 1952

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