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MPC Students in Second Annual Drive Seek Food, Clothes for Orphans 

Students at Monterey Peninsula College are sponsoring their second annual drive for food, clothing, school supplies and toys for Korean children at the Seoul Sanatorium and Hospital Orphanage. 

Some material already has been brought to the college by students and today they provided a free pickup service for any Peninsula resident who has items to donate to the collection.  Pickup service also will be provided next Thursday. 

Contributions may be made by calling the college and leaving an address where the goods may be picked up.  During the day, a student will call to collect the donations. 

Items currently needed at the orphanage are powdered foods (especially milk), clothing (especially underwear), outing flannel for infants clothing and pajamas for tubercular children, rubber sheeting for infants’ cribs, toothbrushes, soap, towels, school supplies (paper, pencils, crayons, chalk) and toys of any age or condition.  Garden tools also can be used, and in fact almost any useful article that is practical for mailing will be welcomed. 

The orphanage being aided by the college students is located a few miles east of Seoul and is supported entirely by welfare donations.  George Drake of Monterey, a former serviceman now studying at MPC, interested the college in the orphanage while he was still overseas. 

At a recent assembly at the college, Drake described the conditions at the orphanage.

The more than 300 children are under the medical care of the staff of Seoul Sanatorium and Hospital, he said.  Thirty per cent of the children have tuberculosis and remain in bed most of the time.  From the outing flannel donated, the Koreans make pajamas for these children. 

Near the orphanage the children raise vegetables during summer and store what they can for winter.  The United Nations gives them a grain ration which is supplemented by these vegetables.  Powdered milk and dehydrated vegetables are needed for the infants and toddlers. 

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A Korean child, one leg amputated, hobbles about on crutches, a tragic aftermath of war in his country.  He is one of more than 300 orphans at an orphanage in Seoul.  Many of the children have tuberculosis.  Students at Monterey Peninsula College have opened their 1954 drive to aid the small victims by sending them food, clothing, school supplies and toys gathered on the Peninsula. 


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