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December 6, 1954


A pipeline from your door to Korea has been established.  Relief items for Korean orphanages, regardless of size or weight of item (even a piano), can be picked up at your door by college students.  The Chaplains Section at Fort Ord is going to crate al the material.  Transportation to San Francisco is to be furnished by the Army.  The American Korean Foundation is subsidizing our shipment on a vessel leaving San Francisco on December 23rd.

            Call the International Club at Monterey Peninsula College (2-8061) for home pick up.  Aid is going to Seoul Sanatorium and Hospital Orphanage (for two years, supported in part by this College), and to other orphanages.  Last date of pick up is December 15.  This is our big chance!  This is the kids’ big chance to have some of their wildest dreams come true.  Help us now. 

            We can use clothes of all sizes, dried and dehydrated foods, especially powdered milk.  Since we don’t have to worry about size or weight, we are seeking items not usually sent, although needed, such as cans of paint, shoe repair equipment, sewing machines (See note), bicycles, toys, medical supplies (doctors and dentists, your worn-down tools, old sterilizers, etc., can be used), cooking utensils, craft equipment of any nature.  Construction hardware, locks, knobs, putty, hinges, chicken wire, plumbing hardware, etc., can be sent.  I am sure this list must remind you of something you have and would care to donate. 

            The head of Seoul Sanatorium and Hospital Orphanage, Dr. George Rue, with thirty years in Korea, is well known by many people on this peninsula.  He is one of the most respected Americans in Korea today.  He will see that your aid is well used. 

            Our orphanage has 300 children.  We not only want to feed and clothe them—we want to five them a chance to help themselves (therefore the tools, craft equipment, etc.).  It has been a dream of theirs to get a piano on which to play the songs sung each week by the children at religious services.  We’d also like to send them other musical instruments. 

            Any and all aid you can give will be sincerely appreciated.   

NOTE:  A donor has given us an allowance for sewing machines.  If you have a round bobbin, treadle machine which you feel is of value to you, and yet you wish to help us, we can offer you ten dollars for it. 

Sincerely yours,

George F. Drake
President, International Club


Monterey Peninsula College

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