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A.P.O. 72 c/o P.M.
San Francisco, Calif.
July 28, 1954

Mr. George Drake
543 Lighthouse Ave.
Monterey, California  

Dear Mr. Drake: 

                We surely want to thank you for the wonderful work you have been doing there in the States to get so many people interested in our Orphanage here in Korea.  Many packages have come from you folks there and we surely are glad for the things that they have contained.  And thank you for your package of new boys clothing.  You must have known that we are always short of boys things.  We are just now writing a new letter to send to the folks who have been so good as to send things to the Orphanage, and as soon as it is complete I shall send a copy to you folks.  It will have more news in it about the orphanage and the orphans.  AFAK is helping us to build a new dormitory and kitchen and dining room.  We will be glad when they are completed. 

                Miss Robson has just returned from the States and is busy again here.  There is always so much to do.  The Rues will be gone until next March.   

                The fellows from the 326th come over now and then and we are always glad to have them come.  It is wonderful what all of you have done for us here, and we surely do appreciate it. 

                We have been having lots of rain here.  Yesterday we had such a heavy rain that the bridge coming into the hospital washed away, and we are more or less marooned, as far as getting any cars out is concerned.  Our mission has a school about six miles out from here, and five of our bridges there washed away. 

                We will be writing again in a few days and shall be glad to hear from you again. 

                    Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Leland Mitchell


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