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Manassas Manor Orphanage:  How it Started

Desiring to do their part to assist some of the very many orphans to be found in Korea, men of the unit decided to entertain the children of the SION ORPHANAGE of Seoul at a Christmas dinner on the post this past Christmas (December 1951).  Thirty-eight orphans were entertained by the company.  The men contributed funds and services so that each child received a toy and a warm garment. 

The company was “taken” with the orphans and felt the need to assist in improving the lot of the orphanage.  The decision was finally made to adopt the orphans as a unit and to move the orphanage to the vicinity of the company area.  Volunteer labor from the company built living quarters for the orphanage in the village adjacent to the compound.  Since December the expenses of the orphanage have been borne through voluntary monthly contributions of personnel of the company. 

(July 1952)

[This note was posted on the company bulletin board and later copied by Pfc. George F. Drake, Corresponding Secretary of the Company Orphanage Committee.  It was found in Drake’s orphanage files fifty years later.]


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