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Discovering My Roots

Kim Sul Ja

July 4, 2005

Dear Mr. George Drake,

We certainly enjoyed and learned a lot about my past. I never imagined getting connected with six people who were in the same orphanage, and one of them being my sister. I was always told that I had no family. Channel King 5 news at Seattle did the coverage of my meeting my sister. I also learned that I am not the person that I thought I was. My parents were told that my name was Kim Sul Ja. On all of my papers I was always referred as Kim Sul Ja. The visiting Koreans said that I was Kim Young Suk and there was a Kim Sul Ja at the orphanage who was to be adopted and who never did get adopted. It was like a double whamrny, having two sisters and not being Kim Sul Ja. I really considered being very fortunate to be adopted and coming to America. My adopted mother is still living and still unsure about all this info. My adoption was called adoption by picture in the McCall’s magazine. I am pretty confident the picture that my mother circled wasn’t me, but the real Kim Sul Ja. Life really holds many twists and turns. My sister Kim Myong Suk gave me two pictures that she was given when she left the orphanage. One of them may be me, and the other one may be my older sister. The picture of the one that may be my older sister as told by the Korean visitors is hung up in the Orphans Home of Korea as the adopted child who was adopted and went to USA. One of these days I would like to go to Korea and check out the picture and find out more about my past on the island of Cheju-do.

Mr. Chris Zenor sent us a DVD copy of the “Korean War Children’s Memorial Dedication Ceremony.” He said that he would keep us posted on any updates. We would appreciate if you would do the same.

I am enclosing some pictures that I brought over from Korea. I think all of them were taken at Seoul. Also a brief story and pictures of my life that was sent to Oprah. Now there are some discrepancies that I have learned from the trip to the West coast. I did find out that I probably was not evacuated to Cheju-do Island, but my family always lived there. I was brought to the orphanage by my uncle.


I also found out the little boy with Susie and I was Chu (who was in the “Battle Hymn” movie). We are trying to locate him. Col. Hess thought he was adopted by a family near Los Angeles area.


Thanks again,
Kim and Jeff Clark

Jeff and Kim Clark
1353 5 E Dalton Dr.
Lee’s Summit, MO 6408

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