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Pacific Stars and Stripes, July, 1951

6-Year Old General Has Travel Orders to Pusan Orphanage

With 2d Log Com-The youngest brigadier general in Korea came into Pusan this week on travel orders issued by a corps headquarters somewhere in Korea. His name is Brig. Gen. Han Min Whan, age 6.

Saluting everything in sight and swaggering as if he were wearing three stars instead of one, "General Han" presented his order to the rail transportation officer. They read: "Deliver this orphan to Cpl Baily M. Sandlin, Judge Advocate Section, 2d Logistical Command. Sandlin will deliver him to the Happy Mountain orphanage."

The Little General, who calls himself "Jiggs" for short was wearing a fitted and neatly pressed OD uniform. On his cap he was sporting the shiny star of a brigadier general. His "Form 20" and "Form 66-1" read like a 76-month-in-grade PFC's nightmare-from corporal to first lieutenant to captain and then a hop, skip and jump to brigadier general-all in three months.

Sgt. Charles A. Moyer, Barry, III wrote Corporal Sandlin saying, "It was like pulling eye teeth." Sergeant Moyer and all the rest of Jiggers' many foster papa-sans agreed, though, that the little warrior was through playing soldier for a while and that going to school with other children would be better for him, general or no general.

Corporal Sandlin has agreed to visit the wee general every Tuesday on his afternoon off. Han Min Whan wants all his friends back at corps headquarters to know that he will be on his best behavior at the Happy Mountain orphanage.




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