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Pacific Stars and Stripes, date

Story Aids Korea Tots

With U.S. IX Corps (Pac. S&S)-An old friendship with an IX Corps officer has brought help for Chaplain (Col.) Peter Rush's Pusan children's clinic all the way from Kansas.

When Chaplain Rush started the clinic for sick and homeless Korean children a short time ago, a list of articles desperately needed to carry on its work was run in Stars and Stripes.

Capt. Richard L. Cook, Waseca, Minn., saw the story and recognized Chaplain Rush as an old acquaintance from days when the two men served together with the 3d Infantry Division at Fort Benning, Ga. Wanting to help, he clipped the story and mailed it, together with an explanation, to relatives in Topeka, Kans.

There the problem was taken over by Captain Cook's sister, Miss Marion L. Cook, who is president of the Shawnee County Medical Assistance society. Miss Cook and some friends collected and mailed to the clinic a selection of feeding bottles, soap, Kleenex, safety pins, needles, thread, along with jigsaw puzzles, balloons, molding clay, books and crayons for the children's entertainment.

Captain Cook, who is assistant headquarters' commandant for IX Corps, completed the gift with a cash contribution of his own.





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