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Pacific Stars and Stripes, July 31, 1951

Korean Mother, Child United After Long Trip

With U.S. 24th Div-100 mile journey over hot dusty roads ended happily for two Korean women when a little eight-year old girl in an American dress rushed into the arms of her mother and grandmother.

Chae Yang Ja was one of the war's lost children when WO J. R. Norman, Lawrence, Mass., found her in the streets of Seoul during the painful retreat from North Korea last December. She was hungry, tired, and suffering from the bitter cold. Norman shared his C-rations with her and from that day until her happy reunion, little Chae was "mothered" by Norman's outfit.

"The boys acted like a bunch of old grandmothers with their first grandchild," Norman said. They brought her warm clothes, dresses, toys and dolls, and other little girls' delights when they came back from R&R leaves in Japan.

All during the "adoption," Norman and his men questioned refugees on their way to Seoul about her parents, and told them where Chae could be found in case they found the girl's mother.

It happened. Chae's widowed mother and her grandmother started out on their journey to the 24th Division when they heard the child was safe and in good hands.





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