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Pacific Stars and Stripes, August 15, 1951

Rubber Toys Arrive for Pusan Orphans

With U.S.2d Log Com-"Porky Pig" has gone to war.

Korean children never heard of animals like "Porky," "Oswald Rabbit" or "Pluto" until last week when 25 cases of rubber toys arrived at the Pusan press center earmarked for distribution to war orphans in Pusan.

Twelve of the cases of assorted dolls, footballs, basketballs and miniature rubber toys of all descriptions will go to the wife of President Sygman Rhee for distribution.

Capt. Clifford B. McKeon, Perth Amboy, N.J., American "Papa" at the Happy Mountain orphanage, also distributed some of the toys to the children at the home. Their exclamations of joy translated into English would have sounded something like this: "Gee, gosh-Santa Claus has come to see us in July."

The orphanage looked just like old St. Nick had just paid a visit. The children's faces were bright and everyone was having a good time as they bounced the new rubber balls and loved the dolls, and squeaked the squeaky cats, rabbits and bears.

There even were rubber blocks, teething rings and pacifiers for wee babies. There were footballs and basketballs for the larger fry and for the in-between waifs there were station wagons, buses, trucks, fire engines, racers and roadsters-all made of natural rubber.

The toys are a gift to Korean orphans from the Sun Rubber Co. of Akron, Ohio.




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