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Pacific Stars and Stripes, August 30, 1951

Buffaloes Start Drive for Waifs

By Cpl. Chuck Francisco

With U.S. 7th Div-"Kartons for Koreans" is the project recently adopted by the 17th Infantry (Buffalo) Regiment to help relieve the suffering of innocent Korean war waifs this coming winter.

Regimental Chaplain (Capt.) John W. Betzold, West Collingswood, N.J., originated the idea. It is his hope that the "Buffaloes" will be able to distribute some 1000 or more cartons of warm clothing to helpless victims of war.

Betzold and two other 17th Regiment Chaplains, Capt. Thomas Murphy, Brooklyn, and Capt. Carl Eggers, Pinelawn, Mo., opened the drive by handing out 1500 letters to their Sunday congregations.

The thought behind "Kartons for Koreans" is keynoted by the first paragraph of the letters. "Today, it is very hot in Korea. It is so hot that we have almost forgotten how cold it was there last winter...but only almost!"

The letters have been sent to the families of the men. They ask simply and directly that warm clothing be sent to "The Buffaloes" so that they can turn it over to the needy.

"I was very impressed by the enthusiasm of the boys when I told them about the plans," Betzold smiled. "They were eager beyond my expectation. No one can see these poor little kids here and not be touched."

All packages will be mailed directly to the 17th. The men, with the help of the chaplains, in tend to distribute the clothing themselves.

"We want to see smiles where there haven't been smiles for a long time," Betzold said. "Then we'll know our 'Kartons for Koreans' was a success."


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