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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Oct. 7, 1951

Korea ‘Boy’s Town’ Population Boosted

WITH EIGHTH ARMY- During the past week 69 orphans were rescued from the streets of Pusan and sent to the Korean counterpart of Boy’s Town on the small, 40-acre island of Kadak Do in the Japan straits, Eighth Army’s United Nations civil assistance-command (UN-CACK) announced.

The new arrivals boosted the population of the orphanage to 215 children, whose ages range from five to 15.

In a report on the progress of the island sanctuary, the announcement said: "The children who prior to admission were well on the road to professional hoodlumism, vandalism, thievery, and beggardom, practice a system of self-government. The transformation that has taken place in the children over a short period of time is heart-warming.

"Ten thousand trees have been planted by the children and vegetable gardens have been developed. The children are healthy and happy."

Staffed by specialists, the winterized 10 tent orphanage is subsidized by the Pusan City Social Affairs Section and the Korea Cultural Association. Relief supplies and medical equipment are furnished from UN-CACK stocks.


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