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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Nov. 15, 1951

Taegu Masons Give Money for Orphans Through Service Aid

WITH U.S. ARMY- In line with the big-hearted efforts of the personnel in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine units in Korea and Japan to help the unfortunate orphans, one of the first moves made by the recently organized Masonic club in Taegu, Korea, was a collection of money for the Edsa Orphanage, Tae Bong Dong, Taegu, according to Brindley E. Harris, welfare officer for the Kyongsang-Pukto team of United Nations civil assistance command.

"The orphanage, one of many located in the Republic of Korea, is mainly aided by relief supplies brought to Korea under the supervision of UNCACK," said Harris, "but the relief supplies received by UNCACK, as is the case of relief supplies everywhere, are outstanding for the lack of luxury items. Therefore, contributions from organizations, such as the Masonic Club of Taegu, which bring a small luxury to the tiny recipient and a big smile to his face, are doubly appreciated."

The Masonic Club of Taegu, patterned after the Masonic Club of Pusan, has been organized for over a year, according to its president, Maj. Robert T. Willette, who is an engineer with KMAG.

"The mission of both clubs is to bring Masonic members in Korea together to share in fellowship and to aid with philanthropic work which will alleviate the hardships of the Korean people," said Willette.


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