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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Nov. 19, 1951

Korean Relief Totals $67 Million in Year

TOKYO-One year's expenditures for civil relief supplies for Korea totaled $ 67,357,123, it was disclosed Friday by Brig Gen. William E. Crist, commander, United Nations Civil Assistance Command.

Not included in the total were expenditures for permanent rehabilitations such as bridge construction, factory and power plant renovation and industrial financing. Three items alone, General Crist explained, would run the total to many millions more.

CIVIL RELIEF items include foodstuffs, clothing, medicine, temporary shelter material and other commodities for emergency care of approximately 1,000,000 civilian war refugees.

Money and commodities for the program have come from three sources: U.S. Department of the Army, the economic cooperation administration and donations from United Nations member countries.

DEPARTMENT of the Army expenditures from October 1950 through September this year totaled $38,249,843, Crist stated. UN country donations were $13,823,473 and ECA funds available totaled $10,482,639. Transportation costs for the last three months of the year were listed accounting to $4,801,168. However, such costs for the balance of the period were not computed.


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