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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 22, 1951

Carolina Citizens Reinforce Korea Yuletide Project

SEOUL- A lot of poor, cold, Korean children are going to have a Merry Christmas this year-thanks to the efforts of the 352nd Communications Reconnaissance Company and the residents of a North Carolina city who have all but adopted the Korean youngsters.

What started as a small Christmas party in the mind of Capt. John J. Hanretty, commanding officer of the 352nd, about two months ago, has blossomed into a gigantic affair.

Lt. Bill Woestendiek, one of the company officers and a newspaperman before his recall to active duty, described the plans for the party and the children in one of a series of weekly columns he is writing for the Winston-Salem, N.C., Journal.

Almost immediately, the letters and packages began pouring in to the amazed lieutenant. The unit mail clerk was forced to make almost hourly trips for several days to handle the flock of incoming packages.

"And there's no end in sight," Woestendiek said as he remained busy opening his packages. As of last Sunday, the North Carolina officer had received 52 large packages of clothing. 'And my letters tell me of at least 15 or 20 more on the way," he added.

"Some people have sent three, four, and five packages-jammed with clothes and toys," Woestendiek said, "and we have hundreds of pounds of clothing for Santa Claus to give to the many kids in our neighborhood come Christmas morning."


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