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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Feb. 12, 1951

Yanks Befriend Korean Orphan

WITH 3RD DIV IN KOREA- Moe, a little Korean boy left injured in the mud without parents or home, now has a little more to look forward to because of SFC Fred C. Ford of LaFollette, Tenn., and the men of the 3rd Signal Radio Relay Section.

Judged to be only about three years old by his benefactors, Moe was first seen standing by the road crying by Ford and Lt. George Warford, Nebury, Mass. Ford, who adopted a little German boy in similar circumstances while on occupation duty in Germany, vowed to pick him up if he was still there when they returned.

When they came back, "He was knee deep in mud, crying at the top of his lungs, and with a bloody bruise over his eye," Ford related.

Back in the signalmen's' quarters, Moe was cleaned, DDT'd, given new clothing and medical aid, and temporarily "adopted" by the signal section.

Though he seems to be content now, the signalmen hope to place Moe in some sort of home at the first opportunity.


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