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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Feb. 23, 1951

Korea Orphans Receive 50 Tons of Gifts

1st Marine Air Wing, Korea- Some 10,000 Korean orphan children and refugees received clothing and toys recently when 50 tons of gifts were distributed by officers of the 1st Marine Wing.

The 1153 boxes, sent from an enterprising Marine Corps League detachment in Passaic, N.J., brought the warm heart of America to these innocent, cold, and hungry suffers of war in their homeland.

In an informal presentation to a group of South Korean government dignitaries, including Mrs. Syngman Rhee, Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Cushman, deputy commander of the 1st Marine Air Wing, turned over the boxes to be distributed to organizations and orphanages.

While cameras flashed and movie cameras turned at the pagoda-like building on the grounds of the provisional government location in Pusan, where the articles were unloaded for distribution, half the clothes and toys were already on the way to the Marine division sector for distribution to the needy in that area.

Mrs. Rhee personally inspected the first truckload and designated the orphanage to which it was to be sent.

The first lady of the republic, speaking for her countrymen, said people both north and south in the peninsula will remember forever all the "great humanitarian efforts so generously made" by the United States. "We will remain forever grateful to you all," she said.

ROK Prime Minister Dr. John M. Chang, former ambassador to the U.S. thanked the leatherneck flying flag officer. In excellent English, he said, "The Korean peoplem were thankful for the military assistance by Americans and now we become most grateful for (this) tangible expression of sympathy by your citizens in offering the tons of gifts to persons uprooted by war."

General Cushman told the prime minister how pleased he was to be acting on behalf of civilian marines in the Marine Corps League. He explained how the Passaic leaguers had exceeded their annual "toys for tots" drive by campaigning also for these articles of warm clothing for Korean refugees.

In addition to articles taken directly to frontline areas, delivery was made to some 25 orphanages in the Pusan area. The remaining truckloads were delivered to other government, private, Catholic, and Protestant orphanages and missions, under supervision of Lt. (jg) Charles E. Webb, Hartford, Conn., U.S. Navy Catholic chaplain serving with the air wing.

General Cushman estimated the total shipment of clothes and toys would benefit about 10,000 Korean men, women, and children who are in "dire and tragic need."

"These 1153 boxes from the heart of Americans will have a great effect in defeating the illogical doctrine of communism," General Cushman said. "It demonstrates the human kindness of democracy."



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