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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 9, 1950

Korean Orphan Adopted by GIs

WITH THE 25TH INF DIV IN KOREA- "Skipper," a small Korean orphan, may live in an orphanage in Seoul, but he has a bankroll of 225,000 whan and a company of GI foster fathers.

"Skipper" was picked up by Cpl. Roosevelt Lewis, Memphis, Tenn., a member of a medical company, in Chongju. Lewis found the boy without clothing and in an acute stage of malnutrition.

As the boy's physical condition changed, he won the hearts of the personnel who lavishly bestowed their affection on him.

Then the company was ordered to move again and the problem of what to do with the youngster became quite an issue. Instructions were received that the men would have to leave their little mascot and the following day, appropriate authorities came for him.

Hastily, a company formation was called, and the entire medical company donated 225,000 whan to aid the further upkeep of their newfound charge. When conditions warrant and their military commitments are finished, men of the company plan a bright future for their boy Skipper.



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