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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 11, 1955

Korean Lad Flying To U.S., New Home

Seoul (AFFE/8th Army)- Pak Mun Sok, 13, boarded a plane here Friday to fly to a country he adopted five years ago.

Pak tied up with forces in early 1950 when he lost his mother and sisters in a mob of refugees.  His father died in 1945. He befriended men of the 65th Engr. Bn. 25th Inf. Div.  When the division left Korea, Pak, now known as Pete, was adopted by the 1343rd Engr. Bn.

The 1343rd deactivated last year and Pete was homeless and headed toward an orphanage when he met SP2 Milton Gellman, of the 36th Engr. Gp.  In October 1954.Since then, Gellman has supported Pete. Gellman, a bachelor, decided to adopt the boy and 13 months ago started the paperwork necessary for adoption.

Gellman, who has a job waiting when he is separated from the Army, extended his tour in Korea last September to take care of Pete and finish the immigration process.  Pete was granted a visa last week.





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