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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 12, 1954

False Legs Boost Lad

Boys Town, Neb., Dec. 12 (AP)-  Song Yong Cho, 12-year old legless Korean boy who pulled at soldier heartstrings until they got him to the United States, was an inch taller Thursday thanks to a new pair of artificial limbs.

Song, who lost his legs from frostbite in the evacuation of Seoul in the winter of 1950, was found by Sgt. Harold Douglas, Battlesburg, Miss., crawling around in a depot at Pusan shining shoes.

Douglas, impressed with the spirit the boy showed, "adopted" him and arranged for the fitting of a pair of temporary limbs. Then the sergeant set out to get Song admitted to Boys Town, world-famous haven for homeless boys.

When Song arrived here last May, E.V. Lucas, owner of the Twin City Artificial Limb Co. at Council Bluffs, IA, volunteered to keep Song in legs until the lad attained his full growth.



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