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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Nov. 3, 1955

Tired, Happy Farmer Wishes For A Dozen More Orphans

Creswell, OR., (INS)- Farmer Harry Holt, who adopted eight Korean-American orphans, only wishes he could adopt another dozen or so.

After two weeks of washing diapers, taking care of colds, putting scattered books and magazines back where they belong and plugging his ears over baby yells, Holt said: "I only wish I had more.  But eight are all we can take good care of."

The dark-haired, mustached farmer admitted that he and the children are exhausted after the airplane trip from Korea to his 350-acre farm and 13-room house Oct. 13.

While the orphans pulled at the curtains and kept up a din that made it hard to hear anything but their voices, Holt's wife reported:

"The kids have been pretty good. They haven't done any real damage yet." 

"The doctor looked them over and found their blood counts down a little so we've been giving them vitamins to build them up.  They haven't been sick, but they haven't been too well.  That flight from Korea took the pip out of them. Most of them had bad colds when they left, and some of them haven't completely gotten over them."



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