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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Oct. 15, 1955


Portland, OR (INS)- Twelve little foundlings from Korea-eight of them adopted by Harry Holt, Creswell, Oregon farmer-arrived safely with Holt in the U.S. from the Far East in a Pan American stratocruiser, Friday.

The "stork plane" landed at Portland International Airport at 12:37p.m. (PST) (5:37 a.m. JST). The airliner was nearly seven hours late due to technical difficulties which caused a return to Wake Island for repairs.

New Relatives

A big crowd, including anxious relatives of the babies, reporters, radio, television and cameramen eagerly waited to catch a glimpse of the widely publicized waifs as they arrived in the land of their adoption 7,000 miles out of Seoul, Korea.

After initial greetings by the Holts, they and other new parents were grouped in the airport waiting room holding their children while cameras and television men worked.

Holt, who easily qualifies as the No. 1 mass-adoption father in the U.S. was glad to turn eight of the 12 tots over to his wife and their own six children who eagerly looked over their new brothers and sisters.

Four Go to Others

The remaining four youngsters were taken by three other American families. Holt came from the plane carrying one of the children while his wife paused long enough to take some pictures before entering the plane herself. She told her husband "you look wonderful."

Only a few smiles could be coaxed from the elder children, who trailed from the plane dressed in Oriental frocks and carrying air line zipper bags. They were obedient and well behaved although somewhat puzzled by the big hubbub.



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