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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 12, 1954


Pusan, Korea (7thTPC)- When M/Sgt. Charles Renneau, Cedar City, Utah, rotated after 16 months in Korea, he had to leave behind a Korean girl who is now his daughter.

While serving as first sergeant and AFAK NCO at Hq. Co., 296th Trans Truck En., Renneau began adoption of Lee Hwa Ja, 13. He didn't have time to complete the adoption before rotation. He went back to the U.S. and left Lee Hwa in a Pusan orphanage.

Renneau filed formal adoption papers in the States recently, and Lee Hwa is now on the preferred quota list for entrance into the U.S. as his dependent. The sergeant, 57, met his adopted daughter at the John Don Boscoe Orphanage, which is sponsored by the truck battalion's Hq. and Hq. Co..

Renneau, whose own children are now grown, spent his spare time helping the orphanage . He obtained tons of clothing for the children by writing letters to his friends at home and asking them to help. The John Don Boscoe orphans showed their gratitude each day when a few of them visited the "sah-gint" in the battalion orderly room. They brought him gifts of flowers and often were rewarded with apples and oranges.

Lee Hwa came every day. Her broad smile and pleasant manners made her Renneau's favorite. The sergeant and his wife decided, shortly before his rotation, to adopt the girl.



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