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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Feb. 6, 1953

Korean Lad, Now American Citizen, Meets New Family In Los Angeles


Pasadena, CA, Feb. 6 (INS)- A young Korean orphan was united today with the Army surgeon who adopted him and arranged to have him brought to this country as an American citizen.

Little Rhee Sung Wu, 10, stepped from a Western Airlines plane at Los Angeles and was greeted by his adopted family-Capt. Sylvestor Booker, his wife, and their son, Paul Michael, 8.

It was two years ago that Capt. Booker first met the tiny waif in an Army medical aid station and performed the surgery on the child's hand that saved his life.

AN ACT of Congress made Rhee an American citizen. Sen. William R. Knowland, (R.,Cal.) put a rider on a bill in Congress that changed him from a Korean to an American.

Rhee was wide-eyed and chattered incessantly as he was driven to the Booker home in Pasadena. He brought with him gifts from Tokyo and Korea which he showed to his new brother, Paul Michael. Booker said he is to return to foreign duty soon and will be assigned to Yokohama, Japan. Mrs. Booker and the two children will join him there.




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