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Pacific Stars and Stripes, July 10, 1954

Adopt Korean

(can't decipher the beginning paragraph)

Then Victor was killed. The Beauchamps tried to reach Kim, but lost track of him as he moved on in the war zone as a stretcher bearer and interpreter with American troops.

THEN THEY explained their plight to newsmen. A story of their desire to make good their dead son's wish reached Pvt. Jack Hoyt in Korea.

He located the boy and Tuesday night-after immigration papers, passage arrangements and the like had been cleared away-Kim arrived aboard the liner President Wilson.

Victor Beauchamp, Sr., took a launch to meet the ship before it even docked. His wife waited on the pier.

THE MAN and boy came together on the Wilson's deck. Beauchamp extended his hand. Kim, shyly, almost stiffly, bowed from the waist. "I am very happy, sir," he said.

A moment later they had their arms about each other. Both wore grins - Kim's a little tentative.

"He's a wonderful boy," Beauchamp said. "Maybe what we do will help make life easier for some others. We're just following through on Christian action. We'll send him through any schooling he wants. It may be tough going sometimes, but we're going to do it."

Kim's comment was simple. "I'm happy here," he said. "There it's all the time war."

AT THE DOCK they were greeted by Mrs. Beauchamp. She gave Kim a hug and a kiss. "It's been a long time, a very long time," she said.




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