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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Jan. 18, 1952

Copter Pilots Hustle Help For Orphans

WITH IX CORPS- An avalanche of clothing, shoes and toys, is reaching a Korean orphanage through the efforts of two helicopter pilots.

It was last October that Capt. Dayton L. Warren, Denton, Tex., ferrying wounded from a frontline surgical hospital to an air evacuation strip, first heard of the orphanage. A visit to the institution, during which he witnessed the pathetic scene of homeless, ill-clothed children, made sufficient impact on him to demand that he assist in some way.

IN A LETTER TO his wife, Mita, he outlined a plan to procure unused but still serviceable wearing apparel from civic groups, churches and individuals. Soon a steady flow of clothing and toys was enroute to provide warmth and happiness for the youngsters.

The bundles from the States were delivered by helicopter and Captain Warren's arrival was always a great occasion at the orphanage.

LAST WEEK Warren rotated to the States. Before leaving, however, he interested another 'copter pilot in the project who has taken over. Lt. A.R. Breedlove, Yakima, Wash., has already contacted his wife, who through a story in the local newspaper, has begun creating interest in the orphanage locally.

In addition, publicity concerning the pilot's work has reached other sections of the country and the orphanage has been "adopted" by a girl scout troop in Houston, Tex.




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