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Pacific Stars and Stripes, April 13, 1953

2 'Dads' of Korean Orphan Mike Find PTA Meeting Fun, Difficult

SEOUL, Apr. 13 (Pac. S&S)- The two fathers of 'Mike" merrily returned this week from their first PTA meeting-one had dawdled at the school organ, the other had given a speech-and the Korean parents and teachers were delighted.

Mike was adopted some time ago by Lieutenants Robert C. Turner, Bellmore, N.Y., and James L. Starling, Leaksville, N.C. They put the orphan boy in school, dressed him up as well as the other kids, and gave him lots to eat.

MIKE WAS HAPPY until last week when he said there was to be a parent-teachers meeting at school and he had no one to represent him.

It was a big order but the two lieutenants hopped into their jeep and were off to the meeting. They were met at the school auditorium by cheering mothers and teachers and were escorted backstage.

Turner was asked to speak. He told the rapt audience of his philosophy on children, though he is a bachelor. His translator was applauded feverishly during the speech. During the speech, however, the other lieutenant was called aside and disappeared.

After the meeting broke up, the two officers returned to their outfit. "Where were you during my speech," asked Turner.

"They wanted me to play the organ," Starling said. "You play the organ?" laughed the first. "Can't play a note," confessed Starling. But he said the organ was reserved for honored guests to play and he did his best to please.

After their first meeting, the two fathers of Mike thought it was a good idea.

"But," Turner said, "I didn't know there was so much to being a PTA member."




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