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Pacific Stars and Stripes, May 19, 1952

Taejon Orphanage Gives Refugees Brighter Future

WITH UNCACK (INS)- Seventy-six Korean boys most of whom were wandering the streets of Taejon until a few weeks ago, are building themselves a more secure future in a home recently opened for them by the United Nations Civil Assistance Command, Korea.

The youths, ranging in age from nine to 17 years, all are refugees or orphans from the Korean war and are being personally sponsored in their new home by a man who was a refugee himself nearly 30 years ago.

His is Nicholas Wyrouboff, public welfare officer on UNCACK's Taejon team, who fled with his family from Russia in 1923.

Wyrouboff was reared in France and is now a citizen of that country. He has been in welfare work in Korea as a United Nations civilian employee for more than a year.

IN ORGANIZING the Kon Nak orphanage, in Taejon, Wyrouboff indicated he wanted to return the boys to a normal way of life from their useless loitering on the city's streets and to prepare them to earn their living when they reach manhood. Nine of the youths are now working as apprentices in Taejon factories, learning silk weaving, rubber shoe manufacture, pencil making and paper processing. One is attending high school and 24 are in primary school.




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