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Pacific Stars and Stripes, date

Crippled Mascot, 11, Sees IG On Orphanage Worry

HQ, UNCACK, May 24-(Pac.S&S)-A crippled 11-year-old camp follower and mascot hobbled up to United Nations civil assistance command, Korea, headquarters recently to request permission to see the inspector general and file a complaint.

Although unusual, the request was granted.

KIM YI Chul (nicknamed Sammy Hop-a-long) is also the most unusual of camp followers. The soldiers in the area have fixed him up with a peg leg and dressed him in a uniform, complete with combat badge.

Sammy registered the first and only complaint heard by Col. C. R. Stark, KComZ I.G. from UNCACK personnel. He politely took issue with the colonel about a rumored order that all mascots were to be rounded up for deportation to nearby orphanages.

THE COLONEL told him that "only unauthorized persons would be removed from the camp."

He did not define who were unauthorized and Sammy never asked him. After the interview Sammy expressed himself as being well pleased with the interview.




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