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Pacific Stars and Stripes, March 3, 1953

Korea Aid Officials Ask Additional Milk

Pusan, Mar. 3 (INS)- The head of the welfare service of the United Nations civil assistance command in Korea yesterday call for "any additional amount of milk that can be found" to aid Koreans afflicted with the ravages of war.

Edward W. Francel, Gilbert, Minn., chief of the welfare section of the UNCACK social affairs division, said it is "impossible to overestimate the importance of adding milk to their (the Koreans') diet."

Officials at UNCACK explained that there is virtually no milk produced for human consumption in Korea and that the vital food must be made available to children, expectant mothers, and old and undernourished persons.

Presently, one UNCACK official explained, milk in powdered form is being shipped to Korea aboard United States Army transports and distributed throughout South Korea by the combined economic board composed of U.N. and Republic of Korea officials.

"The powdered milk is easy to transport," he said, " and merely needs mixing with water for consumption."

In the past five months seven voluntary agencies and religious missions have imported approximately 100 tons of powdered milk into Korea along with that provided by the U.N. international children's emergency fund and other authorized organizations.




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