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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Feb. 15, 1953 

AF Officer's Death Spurs Korea Relief Collection 

DEVER, Feb. 15 (AP)-  A memorial of used clothing piled up here and elsewhere today in honor of a compassionate Air Force officer who died in Korea fighting for those he wanted to help. 

The clothing will go to needy South Koreans at the request of Maj. Theodore H. Kuch, Jr., former resident of Trenton, N.J., who was killed in action flying a combat mission last Dec. 5. 

Shortly before his death, Maj. Kuch wrote requesting his wife and parents send him all the clothing they could round up so he could distribute it to suffering South Korean children. 

"That is the Christmas present I want," he wrote his wife, Miriam, now living in Trenton. 

"Old clothes, small ones, holey ones, any kind," he wrote.  "But send them.  Tell the story; let the people know.  These people are our allies and they need and can use what we throw away-so don't throw it away.  Send the clothes to me and I'll see that they are distributed." 

Mrs. Kuch opened the drive at the officer's wives' club at Lowry Air force Base here.  The first shipment went to the chaplain in the 3d Bomb Group to which Maj. Kuch was attached. 

The drive did not let down with word of the death of Kuch.  Rather, the Lowry wives are working harder than ever to fulfill Kuch's wishes for his new friends in Korea. 




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