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Pacific Stars and Stripes, March 30, 1953

Christian Children's Fund Assists Tots

TOKYO, Mar. 30 (Pac. S&S)- "Our job is nearly done in Japan, but is barely beginning in Korea." Seiji Giga said yesterday in describing organized aid to orphans in the Far East.

Giga, of the Tokyo agency, Christian Children's Fund, Inc., a missionary-welfare organization founded in 1938 and backed by 25 Protestant denominations, said 4,500 orphans are now being cared for by homes in Korea, with immediate plans to help 400 more.

"Many of the Korean orphans were found by soldiers who led or carried them to the 27 homes maintained there by the fund," Giga related.

The organization operates or helps support orphanages in 23 countries, including the United States, Giga said, adding that Hong Kong, Italy, and India, in addition to Korea, are "critical" world spots in relation to the number of uncared-for orphans.

ONE OF THE GREATEST problems facing it now is providing vocational training for orphans to prepare them for earning a living, Giga said.




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