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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Sept. 21, 1952

Repose Begins 3d Year of Service in Korean Waters

ABOARD HOSPITAL SHIP USS REPOSE IN KOREAN WATERS, Sept. 21- The hospital ship USS Repose yesterday began her third year of humanitarian service to United Nations personnel fighting in the Korean war.

The ship celebrated the occasion by giving a party for more than 300 children of the Star of the Sea Orphanage located at Inchon.

The Repose, which has been referred to as the "Angel of the Orient," first arrived in Korean waters in September 1950. In November, when the fighting was fierce near Chinnampo, the ship was assigned to remove wounded UN troops from inland first aid stations.

The 15,000-ton mercy ship inched her way 30 miles through a dangerously shallow and rocky channel to take aboard more than 750 wounded UN troops.

The officer in charge of the hospital on the Repose is Navy Capt. A.H,. Ecklund, of Kauai, T.H.

Commanding the ship is Cmdr. Paul J. Williams, of Chatam, N.J.




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