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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Nov. 26, 1952

Foster Parents Meet Korean Waif

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 26 INS)- A once-ragged and hungry orphan of the Korean war arrived in San Francisco today to begin a new life with foster parents in Marshield, Ohio.

The boy is So Young Chong, 7, whose parents were killed in the Korean conflict.

His new parents, former Sgt. Raymond L. Hill and Mrs. Hill, met him when he arrived aboard the liner President Cleveland.

THE CHILD, now to be known as Jimmy Hill, cried "Hi, Papa" and "Hi, Mama" when greeted in the children's playroom of the Cleveland. He also met his new sister, Vickie, 4.

Hill, a Marshfield grocer, first saw Jimmy while serving with the Army in Korea. The boy tagged along with Hill's unit and he became so attached to him that he got a special act of Congress passed to bring him to the United States as an adopted son.




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