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Stars and Stripes, Dec. 31, 1952

U.S. Group Repeats 'Gift Lift' To Korea

WITH EIGHTH ARMY, Dec. 31- For the third straight year the Los Angeles junior chamber of commerce has sent a mammoth load of packages to United Nations troops in Korea. Last year 200,000 packages were distributed by this group, and operation "giftlift" this year is even larger.

On Dec. 29 in Pusan, the docks were being piled high as 91 measured tons of "giftlift" goods were unloaded prior to distribution to men of the U.N. fighting team. Recipients of the gift packages will include all U.N. Army forces, plus Air Force, Navy (ashore), Marine, and KATUSA personnel.

IN ACCORDANCE with the system followed in the past, first priority will be hospital patients. Every man from one of the arms above who is hospitalized will receive one of the packages. The remainder of the shipment will go to the fighting forces, with preference being shown toward those men with slight or no family ties at home.

The mountain of gifts is now being moved northward from Pusan by the quartermaster through regular ration channels, and should reach the troops within 10 days of its departure from the docks.




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