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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 25, 1952

U.N. Army Gives Yule Gifts Soldiers Forget Troubles To Aid War-Torn Youths

By Don Dixon

TOKYO, Dec. 25 (INS)- United Nations soldiers-lonely and far from home-went all out to make sure that the children of Japan and Korea had a Merry Christmas.

Soldiers have come from all over the world to do their part in the fight against communism, but they know that if they have it tough, the boys and girls orphaned by war often have it tougher.

THEY maynot be able to make the kids forget the whine of the shell or bomb that killed their parents. But they can make sure that the children's stomachs are full and their tired little bodies warm.

Christmas Parties For Orphanages Culminate Plans

Stacked in frozen tents and barracks in Korea and in offices and camps in the milder weather of Japan were thousands of bundles of toys, candy, food, and warm clothing.

FOR MONTHS the soldiers collected thousands of dollars to make this Christmas day one the boys and girls will not forget.

Virtually every unit in the security forces in Japan and the fighting and logistic forces in Korea joined in the dedication of this Christmas to the young and unfortunate.

The soldiers have written home for packages and have emptied the post exchanges.

SOME OUTFITS have adopted whole villages and swept in this morning with trucks full of presents.

Others have their special orphanages which they have been supporting for years but they made sure the boys and girls know this is a special day.

FROM THE SURROUNDING forests the soldiers have brought back Christmas trees to brighten the often drab orphanages.

Children in Japan have trees with fancy lights and tinsel. But in Korea, busy with a war, the decorations are makeshift stars cut from tin cans, some cotton and foot powder for artificial snow, and other crude ornaments.



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