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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 24, 1952

Christmas Party Grows Into 'Avalanche' of Aid

WITH EIGHTH ARMY, Dec. 24- Men of the 304th Signal Operation Battalion have snow-balled their Christmas party plan for children of the Hei Myung orphanage into an avalanche of clothing, money, food, and toys.

Personnel of three Army Signal Corps installations in the Untied States-Ft. Monmouth, N.J., Camp Gordon, Ga., and Camp San Luis Obispo, Cal.-have participated in the campaign, which has received wide Stateside publicity.

SO FAR MORE than $6,400 in cash plus an estimated $4,000 in food, clothing, and medical supplies has been collected for the orphans.

The campaign started in October when, under the guidance of Lt. Col. W.D. Joslin, Bethesda, Md., the 304th's commanding officer, and Chaplain (Capt.) Alfred P. Lam, Petersburg, Va., the battalion started planning a Christmas party for the Hei Myung orphans.

Men of the battalion contributed money, PX articles, and canned goods, and wrote home for clothing for the orphans.




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