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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 24, 1952

U.S. Churches Give Clothes to Seoulites As Christmas Gifts 

SEOUL, Dec. (AP)-  Korean war orphans and widows in Seoul have received more than 3,800 pounds of arm winter clothing as Christmas gifts from the Church of Lutheran Brethren of America, Seoul Mayor Kim Tai Sun has announced. 

Chaplain H. J. Gunhus, Seattle, chaplain with the 3d Transportation Military Railway Service in Korea, wrote his church back home asking for clothing and the Rev. C. E. Walstad, Minneapolis, a Lutheran leaders, solicited aid from many states.  

GIFTS HAVE ALREADY been given to the Borin-won orphanage, the Song Shim War Widows and Orphanage home, and other charity institutions in Seoul, the mayor said. 

Chaplain Gunhus plans a Christmas party for the Borin-won orphanage. 

Clothing was distributed in many United States cities, including Seattle, Chicago, Superior, wis., Minneapolis, East Stanwood, Wash., and Cooperstown, N.D.




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