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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 21, 1952

I Corps Amputee Fund Nets $75,872.89 for Children's Clinic 

With I Corps Seoul - The I Corps Korean Children Amputee Clinic, backed by $75,872.89 in voluntary contributions, was established recently at bomb-scarred Severance Hospital in Seoul.

The naming of the Severance Hospital to operate the program culminated the I Corps Korean Children's Amputee fund drive, originated four months ago by Lt. Gen. Paul W. Kendall, commanding general of I Corps.

The inspiration for the fund was 13-year-old Chang Myong Sik, who lost both hands and suffered severe face burns in a dud explosion.

The clinic, which will accept all patients on a non-sectarian basis, will be supervised by a joint civilian-military committee.

Contributions poured in from military units representing the U.S., Korea, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Belgium, Norway, France, The Netherlands, Thailand and Greece.

Frontline divisions contributed more than $50,000, while I Corps added another $15,000.

The largest Korean donation came from the 101st Division. Korean Service Corps, which contributed 18,813,000 won ($3,186). Other Korean contributions included 2.7 million won ($450) from a Seoul bus line, headed by Kim Pong Zhe; 1,579,000 won ($263) from the I Corps security police; 1.5 million won ($250) from Korean employees of Severance Hospital; 130,000 won ($22) from Korean workers at the I Corps civilian hospital, and 100,000 won ($17) from the Kang Won bus line.

Korean soldiers serving in two companies of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Division were so enthused over the program that they donated 118,000 won ($20), their entire months pay, to the fund.

The 3rd Division led all units with $17,306.69 in contributions. Other large donations included $15,141.85 from the 1st Marine Division, $10,991.55 from the 2nd Infantry Division, and $6,638.84 from the 1st Commonwealth Division.

Air Force units gave $2,195, most of it during a 24-hour disc-jockey radio marathon presented by the station of Armed Forces Korea Network.




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