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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Nov. 10, 1953

5th AF Funds, Clothes Aid 800 Korea Charities

TOKYO, Nov. 10 (PAC. S&S)- More than $84,859 and 21,344 tons of clothing have been donated to over 800 relief organizations by Fifth Air Force members in Korea since May of this year, Far East Air Forces headquarters announced.

The figures were quoted from a recent report made by Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Thomas M. Anthony, Fifth Air Force assistant staff chaplain, on charitable activities.

Extending charity operations almost the full length of South Korea, churches, schools, orphanages and hospitals have profited through these donations.

Many of the contributing organizations have even gone as far as to set up committees headed by Korean officials to operate charity funds in case they were withdrawn to different areas or out of the country.

Aid from relatives in the States has assisted many of the clothing drives carried out by units, and sometimes come from whole communities.

In addition to immediate aid to needy Koreans, some outfits have set up scholarship funds to send students to school in the U.S. and Korea.

Present "good-will" activities are directed toward Christmas and holiday season festivities, a spirit which seems to have gripped all the services in Korea.




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