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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Oct. 20, 1953

Sergeant Adopts Korea Orphan, Sends Child Home

CAMP TOKYO, Oct. 20- Roger P. Clow, 8, formerly a war orphan named Han Kyo Un, will have a new home at Henderson, Nev., thanks to M/Sgt. Melvin L. Clow.

Clow, assigned to the 213th Field Artillery Battalion in Korea, recently completed Korean adoption proceedings for Roger and is sending the youngster home as a dependent.  But he'll be going with another man because Clow has seven months more to serve on his Far Eastern tour.

Accompanying Roger to the States will be Cpl. who recently completed his duties at Eight Army headquarters in Seoul and is going home for release from active duty.  Kaufman volunteered to take Roger to Nevada when he learned about he case from Maj. James E. Marks, of Eighth Army G-1.

Clow met the Korean youngster in Kumson during the summer of 1951 when Roger was living with a Korean engineer unit.  He took an immediate liking to the boy and persuaded the ROK soldiers to give him custody of the child.

Since then with the help of Sgt. Ernest Fernandes, 213th TI&E NCO, Roger has learned to speak and write English.  He has also mastered elementary arithmetic.





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