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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Oct. 23, 1953

Military Charity Spreads Good Will

TOKYO, Oct. 23 (INS)- America's ambassadors of good will in the Far East-U.S. servicemen-are headed toward a record year of giving dollars and kindness to charity as the climactic drive "for Christmas contributions enters its final phase.

From Japan to Okinawa to Korea, U.S. forces are preparing to top their contributions of last year, which officially amounted to 1 million dollars for orphanages alone but actually was much more than that.

In Korea Eighth Army Commander Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor called upon his troops to celebrate that country's first peaceful Christmas since 1949 with gifts of clothing, food, toys and money for impoverished children.

The multitude of charity drives, both large and small which Far East-based American servicemen regularly carry on, constitutes one of the biggest decentralized charity projects in history.

The 27th Infantry (Wolfhound) Regiment this year continued to support as it had since 1949, the Holy Family home in Osaka, Japan, putting its contributions to the orphanage well over $135,000.

Marines of the 1st Marine Division's 11th Regiment who built a school at Masan, Korea support it by collecting the deposits on soft drink bottles-as much as $300 a month.

The Army Security Agency in Japan raised $2,000 for the remodeling of the Jido Gakuen orphanage in Tokyo for 100 children. Its members built a kitchen, bought uniforms for the youngsters, installed new tatami (straw floor mats) and a bathroom and replaced 350 window panes.

This year servicemen in Japan and Korea contributed more than $130,000 to flood victims in Kyushu and southern Honshu, Japan, in the wake of destructive typhoons. The services also provided emergency equipment, medical supplies and gifts sent from the U.S.

The 45th Division reported it costs $20 to supply one Korean orphan with a new winter clothing outfit. The 45th raised $8,000 in three months to clothe all the youngsters in three orphanages.

Money Given Sundays

A battalion of the 7th Infantry Division's 31st Regiment collects money every Sunday at religious services for an orphanage near Seoul. Servicemen regularly visit the children to check on their needs.

The 7th Division provided materials for a school constructed by the citizens of Pochon, Korea, and paid for its furnishings, books and school supplies with $10,000 in donations.

The 40th Division made contributions to a high school built by its engineers in Kapyong, Korea.

Men of the 17th Infantry (Buf)- were concerned about hundreds of young orphan boys who evaded ROK authorities and slipped through the mountains seeking work as "shoeshine boys" and handymen for the unit. They established a "shoeshine boys' town" orphanage.

by Howard K. Janis




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