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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Dec. 4, 1953

First Faith, Then Food For Waifs

PUSAN, Korea, Dec. 4- More than 100 hungry orphan children-some suffering from malnutrition, all deeply affected by the shock of losing their home in the Nov. 27 Pusan conflagration-marched quietly into the mess hall and seated themselves in an orderly fashion before a breakfast of milk, cereal, eggs and fruit.

But not a single child started to eat. Instead, each bowed his head and clasped his hands together in an attitude of prayer.

Masking his surprise, Chaplain (1st Lt.) William G. Davanney, 24th Div. assistant chaplain, grasped the situation, bowed his head and repeated the words to the grace.

With the "amen," the well mannered children began their repast.

This scene was enacted yesterday at the orphan refugee camp set up by the 24th Div. as part of its Operation Haven.






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