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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Nov. 24, 1953

Yank Funds To Aid Needy At Christmas

HQ U.S. 24TH DIV., Korea, Nov. 14- When the mission of Operation Good Will is accomplished on Christmas Day, thousands of needy Koreans and Japanese at a hospital in Sendai, Japan will be happier, healthier and warmer.

A series of visits to orphanages in Korea cinched the operation's success soon after it began early this fall, directed by division Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Ivan C. Whipple, Columbia, S.C.

Separate Drives Conducted

While the 24th was on security duty in Japan, separate units conducted drives, aiding needy groups in their areas.  In Korea, the program became division-wide and joined the KComZ plan for Operation Good Will.

Many of the gifts of food, toys, books and clothing have already been distributed.  But one of the largest single phases of the program and the most unique will not be completed until early January.

Rice Bowls Made

Members of the regiment contributed $3,494.65 to have the bowls, shoes and clothing made.  A major part of the sum was donated by the 1st Bn. Directed by Chaplain Martinus E. Silseth, Minneapolis, Min.

Special Troops of the division raised $366.20 for the purchase of Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for the orphans.  Chaplain Whipple said that 200 pounds of clothing and 700 pounds of food-stuffs, toys and books had already been distributed.






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