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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Dec. 4, 1953

MPs Feed Starved Kids

PUSAN, Korea, Dec. 4- There was nothing automatic about the emergency aid given victims of the recent fire which wrought havoc in Pusan, as a certain master sergeant from the 24th MP Co. will testify, 24th Div sources revealed today.

Summoned to Pusan to provide food and to cook for hungry orphan children due at the 24th Division's temporary camp-site, M/Sgt. Harold M. Jones found the former small Army unit minus food, stoves, trays and silverware.

Yankee ingenuity and field expedients came into play and, 15 minutes before the convoy of children arrived, Jones was ready with Spam, bread and jam, kidney beans, hot cocoa, hot soup and three gallons of cooked rice.






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