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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Dec. 6, 1953

24th Div. Gives Aid To Orphans

HQ, 24th Div., Korea, Dec. 6- Men of the 24th Div. plunged vigorously into relief work for fire-devastated Pusan Wednesday, and before nightfall more than 100 children from one orphanage were provided with food, clothing and shelter.

The children - temporarily sheltered in a wharf side warehouse with 3,000 other refugees for the past three nights-were transported to a vacant Army compound by division vehicles. There they were billeted in Quonset huts and fed a hearty meal provided by nearby division units.

Meanwhile, other 24th Div. Troops were busy constructing a permanent home for the orphans on an around-the-clock basis. More than 100 men, working eight-hour shifts, are presently engaged in the construction of a new orphanage in a section of Pusan that was not touched by fire.

Construction is expected to be completed within a week or ten days and the directors of the orphanage will then be presented with their new buildings by the division.






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