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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 18, 1953

Operation Christmas May Net Fifth Air Force $50,000 Goal

SEOUL, Dec. 18- As Fifth Air Force's Operation Christmas moves into its final stages, contributions from airmen now total $46,571 and Air Force welfare officials predicted the fund to rise over the $50,000 goal.

The Air Force said clothing which came from friends and relatives of airmen in the States has exceeded 98,000 pounds and is expected to go over the 100,000-pound mark before Christmas Day.

The supplies, which included material for clothing, shoes and medicine, have already been distributed to Korean orphanages, according to Fifth Air Force Staff Chaplain (Col.) Peter A. Dunn, Albany, N.Y., who directed Operation Christmas.

Donations to 86 orphanages which are solely supported by various Fifth Air Force units include: 6,400 yards of clothing material, 19 sewing machines, 300-pounds of medicine, 400 sweaters, 630 suits of clothes, 100 pounds of athletic equipment, 425 snowsuits, 425 pairs of rubber boots, 100 suits of woolen underwear, 1,000-pounds of school supplies, one knitting machine, one public address system, one organ and five truck loads of lumber.






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