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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 24, 1953

Oklahoma Tots Send $12 to Korea Orphans

WITH U.S. 24TH DIV., Korea, Dec. 24- One vivid example of how to lead a helping hand came to the chaplain of the 63rd F.A. Bu. Recently from a few Americans in the small community of Shady Point, Okla.

Chaplain (1st Lt.) Lee E. Eular recently wrote a letter to a church paper serving most of Oklahoma. In his letter he requested help in bringing Christmas cheer to hundreds of Korean orphans sponsored by the 63rd.  The response was overwhelming.

The most outstanding gift came in the form of a letter from Shady Point.  The scrawled, almost illegible handwriting explained that the enclosed $12 was from the children of Shady Point.






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