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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 28, 1953

3,000 Refugees Move to Tents

PUSAN, Korea, Dec. 28- The last 3,000 Pusan fire refugees, housed in the warehouse shelter of the 7th Major Port, were moved into "tent cities" Christmas Eve, Col. Irvin L. Harlow, Korean base Section civil affairs officer, announced Saturday.

The warehouse, pressed into emergency service the day after the Pusan fire, sheltered and fed up to 10,000 people.

A hospital train was moved to the pier to provide medical aid for the sick and injured.  Immediately after the warehouse was opened more than 6,000 orphans whose homes had been consumed by the flames flocked to the emergency shelter.  While the refugees stayed at the pier they were fed C and K rations at first and later rice and Korean food supplied by the Korean Civil Assistance Commission.

Dec. 11 the first group was moved from the pier when tents were erected in a gutted area of the city.  With the emptying of the pier 12,285 refugees are living in tents where they will remain until permanent housing now in the planning stage is completed.






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